REFO is the name of the senior group in Vestermarkskirken, and it means to “refocus”.

In the senior group we want to refocus on the possibilities ahead of us.


As a 20-25 year old we decided where to live, job/career, family and a lot of other things.  As 60-70 year old a lot of these targets and objectives have been fulfilled.

Maybe you never achieved what you dreamed of, maybe you never said yes to a calling from God, maybe your social relations to your family and friends never turned out as they should have been, maybe you are alone without a spouse or something else…..

Today you start on the rest of your life and God has still good thoughts and plans for your life.

In REFO we wish to make a good and fun fellowship and we want to encourage each other to refocus on Gods call for our lives.

Contact person

Gert Kruse

Phone.: +45 30 29 77 42

Mail: hg.kruse(at)