Small Group Fellowship

For many years Vestermarkskirken has had small group fellowships. Right now we have 14 groups, which meet either every other week or once a month, and are around 6-12 people.

To be a follower of Jesus has never been indicated as a solo discipline. We were created by God in order to have fellowship with Him and other believers, and no one should live their Christian life alone.

The small group fellowship exists to help us to be a follower of Jesus.

We have a big church and during the Sunday service it is not always easy to grow new relationships. In the small group fellowship you can be seen and heard, and can enjoy and take part.  This is fellowship we all need.  The fellowships are guided by a leader and they meat mostly once a month.

If you think the small group fellowship could be something for you, feel free to join one. They are all open to new people and we will be happy to welcome you.

If you have more questions please contact