Missions abroad

We are supporting several projects across the world.

Here you can read more about what we are supporting in each of these countries.

Voice of Peace


The international work of Vestermarkskirken is economical support the Christian media ministry "Voice of Peace" in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The ministry has been growing rapidly throughout the last years.

Voice of Peace is producing tv and radio programs which are sent through many different stations, and these cover almost the whole of Thailand and Laos.

They see a growing need for TV and video programs with bible education. The follow up work is growing too because many are taking part in studying the bible via correspondence; including over one thousand prisoners in Thai prisons.

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Aids Care

AIDS Care helps children and families victmized by AIDS in Thailand.

Our vision:

With unconditional love, and the power of God, to break the evil circle of vulnerability where the victims of AIDS are. In these families one or both parents are sick or dead from AIDS, and in this the family situation the children are especially vulnerable.


Our mission:

"For we are the fragrance of Christ",  2.Cor. 2,15

"Our mission is to meet AIDS affected people with the love of Jesus, and as a friend without condemnation or demands. We want to be the kind hand of God, stretched out with love, care, forgiveness and mercy. Our focus is on the children who are the victims of AIDS (HIV positive or HIV negative) and their families."


AIDS-Care is supporting the families by:

Supporting the schooling financially.

Helping acute needs for food, clothes, medicine, etc.

In-home support visits, with guidance.

Visits in the hospitals.


Communicate the love of God through words and actions.

In every place where AIDS-Care works we have a local project leader who has several volunteers. Working together, they visit the children in the homes to evaluate the situation and to see what the needs are. They always bring some food (rice, milk and other things). AIDS-Care is now working in 5 different places in the north of Thailand.

Together, we can share the problems and challenges of the families, and we can also share the gospel and pray for the families. We want to help and support children who are victims of AIDS in order for them to stay as long as they can in their home.

Several of these children are well but their mothers have AIDS. Maybe the father is dead from AIDS and the mother is left with the responsibility for the children and the finances. Often, both parents are dead and the dependent is placed on the aging grandparents, an aunt, or other family members.

Several of the children in the care of AIDS-Care have HIV/AIDS, and we help them with life-prolonging medicine and keep an eye on their health situation.

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Contact: info(at)aids-care.dk