Finances in Vestermarkskirken


Dependent on gifts

In Vestermarkskirken, the church in its self is responsible for all expenses. This means that the church members or users of the church must pay all the expenses  concerning   light, heat, cleaning, salary to the pastor, buildings and so on. The annual expenses in order to manage the Vestermarkskirken is about 6000 kr. per member. 

In Vestermarkskirken we are very much dependent of the money given every month, and are very much concerned with the importance of using the given money in the best way possible.


Ordinary gifts 

Your gifts to Vestermarkskirken is tax deductible up to 15.600 kr. In order to get the tax deduction you must present your CPR-number to Vestermarkskirken. The church will inform the tax authorities of the amount of your giving, and the amount will appear on your tax return.


10 year agreement

With a  10 year agreement you can deduct the whole amount in tax as long as it is not more than 15 % of your earning. In order to get the deduction we need your CPR number to be able to inform your gift to the tax authorities.


Do we have your CPR number ?

The new rules about tax deduction means that in order to get the deduction for your gifts you must inform your CPR number to the organization you support. You do not need to write the amount on your tax return yourself. We inform the authorities about your CPR number, and they will write the amount on your tax return.

If you want the deduction for your gift you must inform us of your CPR number, and give us permission in order to use this for informing the authorities. If both spouses want a deduction we must have the CPR number of both.



Bo Lundgaard

Phone.: +45 75 32 48 85



Accounting officer

Kirsten Dam