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We are supporting several projects across the world.

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The vision for the mission in Ghana

You shall be a father!

Francis Jackson prayed to God for a birthday present.

He was 26 years old that day and he got a message from God: You shall be a father. First he thought that the message was about having a wife and children, but he was not at all sure that this was what God meant. Regardless, it all fit into Frances’ plans.

About 3 month later, while walking, he saw a boy living in the street of Takoradi. He heard the voice of God again saying: You shall be his father. Francis protested, he was not ready to serve God in this way. But God kept on saying the same thing: you shall be his father.

For 6 years Francis carried this vision alone. During a stay onboard the Anastasis, one of UMO’s ships, he heard the message again. This time a woman on board said the same: you shall be a father.

In 1998 Frances could not keep the vision to himself any longer. He began to talk to others about this, and everybody who heard supported the vision and helped his work.



The foundation

This lead to Frances buying a piece of land in Takoradi. This land sealed the vision, it was now manifested as a reality. Frances was not yet ready to work full time, he felt he needed to study theology. So he went to the International Apostolsk Højskole in Kolding, Denmark where he took courses relating to serving fulltime in the church. Frances had for a long time felt called by God to do evangelic work, but this work could also be working in an orphanage. The orphanage children need a protector and someone who can show them the road to their heavenly father.



The vision is supported

At the end of his stay in Denmark, a woman asked him about his plans after his stay. He told her about his vision about the orphanage in Takoradi/Ghana and she listened and promised to pray for him. The next week she gave him 500 kr and told him to use the money for letters and stamps so he could tell others about his vision.

Frances kept the money and decided to use it in Ghana. The following week she came back and gave him 1000 kr. Frances did not use the money but decided to send the money to Ghana where the amount would be worth a lot. Shortly after this, the woman told the president of the school about Frances’ vision.

She made him present his vision on a theme week for many external course participants.

At the school they had a collection where they gave him 17.000 kr, and after this he felt he should go home and start the work with the orphanage.



The surprise

The voice from God sounded again: I will surprise you. Indeed Frances was surprised when he came to collect the money. His idea was to exchange the 17.000 kr to dollars and bring them to Ghana. The people would not let him have the money, and insisted that it was put into an account in his bank in Ghana. But Frances said that he would gladly bring it back home with him.


Then the surprise came: it was not 17.000 kr but 117.000 that Frances was given to start the orphanage. An anonymous  person had given 100.000 kr to the project, and suddenly they also had the possibility to build a house.



God gave the children a home

Frances went home to Takoradi. On the 7th of August, 2001, he started to build. He was afraid of the inflation in Ghana, and needed to avoid that other projects would take the money he had for the orphanage. He was right in starting up so quickly because the price of building materials went up daily, and other people tried to get their hands on his money. Frances stood firm on his vision of the orphanage; he bought two cars which were used to drive as taxi to earn money for the orphanage. Today still one car and a minibus are used as taxi. The first children moved into the orphanage in January 2001 and Father’s Home Care Ministries was a reality. Frances started to serve God as a father. In 2003 the FHCM was expanded with a team of evangelists with 1 ½ hours time on a radio station in Ghana every Sunday morning.

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