Automatic transfer

The advantage by choosing this solution is that the transfer from your account to Vestermarkskirken’s account happens automatically,  and you can change the amount and frequency of the transfer whenever you like.


We will show you how you can make a permanent transfer through Den Jyske Sparekasse as an example. (This can be done differently through other banks as well.)


1: Log on to Netbank.

2: Choose “fast overførsel” (permanent transfer)

3: In the field “Overførselstype” (type of transfer) choose “Overførsel med kort besked”

4: In the field “fra konto” (from account) choose the account you will draw the money from.

5: The field “til konto” (to account) is not used now only if you move money between your own accounts.

6: In the field “eller anden konto” you must write reg .number 8210 account 0740002341.

7: In the field amount you write the amount of money you permanently want to give

(remember max. 15.200 Kr pr. person)

8: In the field “betalingsfrekvens” (frequency of payment) you write how often you want the payment.

     The end of the month is preferred.

9: In the field “Dato for første betaling” (date for the first transfer)

10: In the field “Dato for sidste betaling” (date for the last payment)

If this is empty the payment will go on until it is stopped.

11: In the field “Besked til modtager” (note to recipient) the text can be gift from X X

12: In the field “Besked til egen konto” (note to own account) you can write gift to Vestermarkskirken.

13: Remember to mail to with your name, address, CRP number and  

       Amount if you want a tax deduction for your gift.