Welcome to church for children



The church for children is an oppertunity for all children from 0 up to 5th grade. The church is for all, and we try to make the church special for everybody.


The main service starts together with everyone.  The service host announces when it’s time for the children and the leaders of the children church move to their part of the building. From there the children are divided into age groups of and into separated rooms.


Church for children age 0-3 years

There is a nursing room for the babies connected to the church hall.

Children not yet started in kindergarten, who want to be a part of the singing and playing, are welcome in the kindergarten group together with an adult.

The kindergarten group

When the child is 3 years old or going to a kindergarten they are welcome to join this group alone or with an adult. Here we have fun, we sing, play, listen to stories and make small activities suited to the text of the day or the season.


We always get a snack like carrots, buns or other things. If you have any problems with this please contact the leader of the class.

School children

From the 0th to 5th grade, we start by listening to the story of the day and then we have different activities, some are creative, playing games, playing with LEGO and if the weather allows it we are playing outdoors.


We are looking forward to seeing you and your children in the church for children in Vestermarkskirken.