Become a permanent giver


Because Vestermarkskirken is not supported from the state (as the Statechurch) we need generous people who find it important to support the work of the church. The money given by these people supports the work of the services, PR, children, education, rooms in the church, song and music, salaries, insurances, international support and so on.

Vestermarkskirken is very grateful for gifts transferred to the church bank account number 8210-0740002341.


Permanent supporters are very important to Vestermarkskirken:

- It creates a stable economy

- It gives us a survey of the financial situation

- It gives us possibilities to get new ideas

- To be a permanent giver is also important for you:

- Your gift will be a permanent part of your budget

- You will feel the joy of giving

- You will feel the joy of helping others.

- You will have the possibility of a tax deduction.


Tax deduction:

When you support Vestermarkskirken financially you can get a tax deduction for the gift. Read more about this on


There are two ways to get a tax deduction:

Permanent transfer, in 2018 you can give up to 15.600 kr. and with a10 year agreement you can deduct up to 15 % of your personal income.

Vestermarkskirken will inform the tax authorities via the CPR number, and after this you will automatically get the tax deduction on your tax report.